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Association of Turkish Animal Health Industry has been established in 1991 and its acronym is VISAD. It is a sector association of which the members are Turkey’s leading animal health firms. It is formed by natural and legal persons dealing with the veterinary pharmaceuticals, biological substances and feed additives industry and trade. Multinational firms, international trade firms and locally producing firms are among its members. Centre of the association is found in Ankara and there are 35 members representing 29 firms. In terms of value VISAD members represent more than 75 % of the market.


The aim of establishment of VISAD is to enable mutual assistance and cooperation among its members dealing with veterinary health products industry and trade, to protect its members economic and social benefits, to provide support to the competent authority on drafting legislation and implementation of the legislation, to develop necessary opportunities and circumstances for the industry to increase productivity and act in harmony in this field and to raise public consciousness regarding the usage of veterinary pharmaceuticals, biological substances and feed additives and increasing public awareness regarding the contributions of the sector to the national economy.


The mission of VISAD is to increase publicity of the Turkish animal health sector and to provide support to the legislative efforts based on scientific terms and international standards necessary for the supply of innovative and high quality veterinary health products for the national livestock sector and to provide support for the improvement of implementation capacity of the legislation.


The vision of VISAD is to be “a solution partner” for the governments and livestock sector in reducing the problems faced in the field of animal health by supplying “reliable, effective and innovative products”.


Belief in Turkey’s full membership to the EU, belief in the objective of achieving same level of life quality as in the EU, showing moral sensitivity on animal and public health together with welfare, not evaluating success only within the framework of financial profit are the core values for VISAD membership.


VISAD functions with the aim of contributing effective solutions for animal health problems by supplying reliable, effective and high quality veterinary health products for the sector. VISAD also supports safe and high quality production of food of animal origin. Attaching equal importance to animal health and welfare, VISAD is also working for preventive and therapeutic medicine, pet animal’s health, veterinary public health and animal breeding.


VISAD carries out its activities on the basis of independent science, international standards, integrity, common mind, transparency and accountability. VISAD as an umbrella organization stands for the common vision of its members and animal health sector. It gives opinion on drafts of legislation, position papers and reference papers.


Voice of the sector, VISAD is in close cooperation with the Ministry, Institutes, Universities and other sector representatives for the drafting and implementation of related legislation for the production, distribution and usage of veterinary health products in accordance with EU norm and standards. 


VISAD is also in cooperation with international organizations such as World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH-Europe), United Nations- Food and Agriculture Office (FAO), European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Association for Biologicals (IABs).  


The problems of Turkish animal health sector increases day by day and new arrangements are of vital importance. With this regard, need for the leading role of VISAD has been increased compared to past. 2007 EMEA meeting held in Turkey was very beneficial for VISAD. Besides human and veterinary pharmaceutical firms believing in EU membership and willing to contribute to the process, officials of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that are the governmental organizations which will carry Turkey to this objective have participated to the meeting.  It is inevitable that fundamental changes in Turkey will realize as regards licensing, production, distribution and control of veterinary health products in short term. VISAD is willing to contribute actively to the process and with the close cooperation of pharmaceuticals and vaccine producers, scientists and competent authority we are looking for rapid and proper achievement.  Otherwise we know that the same problems faced by new member states related with veterinary health products will occur in our country. Within this framework we also request support from EU authorities.


VISAD informs industry, government, media and public in all matters related with this field and all opinions, proposals and suggestions are evaluated sensitively.


In brief, VISAD is working for the improvement of animal health and welfare, human health and food safety status of Turkey and it represents Turkish animal health industry.